我們提供PayMe/ AlipayHK/FPS付款服務!

請在下訂時選擇PayMe/AlipayHK/FPS付款服務後,掃描一下QR Code付款,並在備註欄上寫明訂單號(例如#1001),由於需要人手確認,我們在收款後將儘快更改您的付款狀態,請保留付款紀錄,並聯絡我們的客戶服務,WhatsApp:852-51003260

We provide PayMe/AlipayHK/FPS payment service!

Please choose the PayMe/AlipayHK/FPS payment service when you place the order, scan the QR Code to pay, and write the order number (for example #1001) in the remarks column. Since manual confirmation is required, we will change your payment status as soon as possible after receiving the payment.  Please keep the payment record and contact our customer service, WhatsApp 852-51003260

FPS : 108689480 DUA LIMITED


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