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-  感謝您的購買,由於在成功付款後,系統就會自動將訂單發送至相關送貨系統,因此無法安排取消確定後的訂單。我們建議您將喜歡的貨物後,確認好訂單才付款,以獲得最佳的購物體驗。

-  顧客如發現產品有非因使用不當或人為因素而造成的損毀,可於簽收貨品起計7天內與客戶服務部聯絡,逾期將不獲受理。贈品不設退換 ; 所有更換只接受換貨,不設退款。

-  本公司不會負責所有透過「DUA organic」以外的任何途徑購買之產品之任何品質問題,包括仿冒,過期,瑕疵,破損,曾被開啟使用或被參雜不明成分等,也不會承擔顧客使用此等產品所帶來的一切不良後果之責任。

-  本網站所有圖片及資料只供參考,如有查詢,請與客戶服務部聯絡。

- 「DUA organic」將保留一切最終決定權。


-Thank you for your purchase. After the payment is successfully made, the system will automatically send the order to the relevant delivery system, so it is impossible to arrange cancellation of the confirmed order. We recommend that you pay for the goods you like and confirm the order to get the best shopping experience.

-If the customer finds that the product has been damaged not due to improper use or human factors, he can contact the customer service department within 7 days from the receipt of the goods. Overdue will not be accepted. There is no return or exchange of gifts; all exchanges are only accepted, no refunds.

-The company will not be responsible for any quality problems of all products purchased through any means other than the "DUA organic", including counterfeit, expired, defective, damaged, used or mixed with unknown ingredients, etc., and will not be liable Customers are responsible for all adverse consequences caused by the use of these products.

-All pictures and information on this website are for reference only. If you have any queries, please contact the customer service department.

-"DUA organic" reserves the right of final decision.

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